Light, satin, of soft texture. Provides easy application without stains and streaks. Beautifully brightens the skin, shapes cheekbones and gives the impression of slim face. Admixture of mica in the formulation allows you to get uniform, “muslin” colour. And thanks to the content of specially obtained silica the blush optically smooths out imperfections and leaves cheeks soft as silk.

SECRETALE MAT COMPACT POWDER Mattifying compact powder with a mirror

Thanks to specially developed formula the powder adapts to the skin colour and gives a soft, matt effect. Light formula of the powder provides soft application and leaves no mask effect. The skin is smooth and velvety to the touch. Long lasting matting properties of the powder give a subtle makeup finish and silky skin for a long time.

SECRETALE NUDE ILLIUMINATING SKIN POWDER Illuminating face and body powder

Gain the effect of radiant skin! The product adapts to the colour of skin therefore it can be applied on both the face and body. Adds radiance and brings out the natural beauty. It gives face fresh expression. The skin looks healthy and rested for long hours. To make the face radiant apply illuminator with a brush under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and on the Cupid`s bow. You can also sprinkle the neck, bust and shoulders.